Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Folks, meet Jericho. No not that WWE guy from Winnipeg. This lady's from Fort McMurray, Alberta and apparently she's an Air Band Idol winner in L.A. You can check her out at and listen to her songs "Break Free," "I Am Who I Am," and "EZone." Or you can wait for her to message you and/or make a friend request. I'm a fan of myspace and the opportunity it gives artists to expose their work to people all over the world but there's no screening process or 'filter' so anyone with a will to put their music out there and message you ends up coming across your radar. This isn't always a good thing. But it's frequently amusing. Check out the picture of Jericho's "extremely talented drummer" for further amusement.

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Mark said...

MORE YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!