Monday, August 21, 2006

Edison Force!



jared said...

the first user review on imdb starts with: "LL Cool J performed much better in this movie that I expected! He did a fabulous job acting as a "renegade" cop within a "renegade" department. From the very beginning, he does a great job of building viewer empathy for his character and the predicament he's in. He acts as a sort of "gentle giant" -- a person whose rough exterior can scare anybody, yet whose heart is clearly in the right place from the very start -- and he does an amazing job. He was quite clearly the best character in the movie."

I'm the type of guy that says, the puddin is delicious...

Lisa Rae said...

Kevin Spacey's huge head kind of freaks me out.

Mr. sals said...


I've seen this movie, it was the closing film at TIFF last year. I walked out twice. I walked out after Dylan McDermott made LL shoot a crackhead for fun.

then I went back to see how bad it got.

Later, Morgan freeman does a dance routine in split screen.

I left again.

It was only called Edison back then, maybe it's better now.


Mark said...