Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's time to redouble my efforts to post on this blog more often. I've even subscribed to it in Google Reader, which is ruling my life right now. Give me an RSS feed, and I'll subscribe to it. I can't wait until google runs the world. All of their shit is so hot.

Speaking of hot, did you see on stereogum that some loser got Jenna Fischer, aka Pam from the office to star in his video. I was just thinking today about how I should probably get cable in time for the next season of The Office. Karen's great, but Pam is what's really good.

I love that The Big O is in the background. Another reason to get cable. Baseball. Howaboutdem Cubbies!?

If you follow lolcats as closely as I do, then you should be just as floored as I am to learn of The Laugh Out Loud Cats. (Via The Stencil, of course.)

Tay Zonday goes 8-bit like woah.

And finally, I was going to send this to Matt, but why not just give it to teh entire innernets? Non-Prophets - All word No Play. Good music is cool music.

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BBQ said...

Google Mars. Game over.

It's been fun but,