Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Joke and Some Mixes

  • The above image is a joke; there is no all-over-print hoodie all-over-print hoodie all-over-print hoodie... yet. It's so meta-meta et cetera meta yadda that it flies, like, 10 ft. above my head. It is the work of an artist named Andrew Bell, and was discovered at High Snobiety.
  • I found a treasure trove of mixes that might be old news to some, but is completely new to me. Discovered via Music Like Dirt is DFA Records Radio Mix Series, a pretty amazing series of downloadable mixes. Check 'em out.
  • If anybody finds Ratatat's latest Remix album, please let me know. I will love you.


tim said...

To quote someone else, this post is mad focused.

Allan L. said...

That hoddie blows my muthafuckin' mind!!!!

Can I get one?