Friday, November 10, 2006

Only Your Wallet Knows For Sure

stolen from The Stencil


tim said...
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tim said...

ettled in 1623 and Maine's oldest town, Kittery is famous for ship building. In the 1800's, the Navy Yard in Kittery was its biggest attraction. The 74-gun ship Washington was launched from the Navy Yard in 1815. "Kearsage", the ship famous for sinking the Confederate raider "Alabama", was launched from this yard during the Civil War.

History was made here in 1905 when the Treaty of Portsmouth was signed at the Kittery Navy Yard's naval administration building, thus ending the Russo-Japanese War.

Kittery's historic roots spread farther than just the Navy yard; Kittery is home to some of the oldest houses in Maine. From Garrisons to Capes all the typical colonial architecture of early America can be found here. If you are interested in seeing a very fine example of Palladian-style architecture interpreted in Early America, you may want to visit the Lady Pepperrell's Mansion, which is on a hillside on the Piscataqua River (just past Fort McClary on Route 103). Note: inquire locally as to the times available for public viewing as the mansion is now privately-owned and only open at selected times through the year.

Kittery also offers some beautiful seashore vistas and beaches.